If you have decided to get breast implants, one of the important decisions you will have to make is what type to choose. Traditionally the choice has been between silicone and saline, Best CBD Cream Canada but now there is a new product on the market. It is called cohesive gel, sometimes nicknamed “gummy bear” implants.

What is Cohesive Gel?

Gummy Bear, the nickname for this style comes from their similar feel and form stability to the popular Gummy Bear candy. Unlike other types, they hold their shape better, and if you were to cut them in half each half would still retain its shape much like a gummy bear.

The Pros

The cohesive gel option was designed to create a smoother, less wrinkled look in the chest. They do not change their shape with the pull of gravity or the movements of the body. This does seem to prevent implant shell collapse and folds. The products are also purported to be leak proof. Because the gel inside is in a semi-solid, cohesive state, even if the shell ruptures they will not leak. Best CBD Cream Canada 

Another advantage of the cohesive gel style is the possible reduction of the risk of capsular contracture. With all foreign objects inserted into the body, including breast implants, the body will create a protective shell of tissue to protect it from any dangerous secretions. Sometimes this capsule of tissue will start to contract over time.

In the case breast augmentation, this can cause discomfort and give the breasts an unnatural shape. When this occurs, revision surgery is needed to remove the implant or cut away the capsule. European studies have shown, however, that capsular contracture is much less common with the gummy bear option, most likely because of the firmer shape that keeps the capsule from shrinking around it.

The Cons

In some cases, the shape of the cohesive gel option may also be a disadvantage. This happens when the patient does not like the shape after insertion since the shape will not change or move with gravity. Large gummy bear implants can also have a particularly unnatural look which many women find unappealing.

Another possible disadvantage is the feel of this option. They are considerably firmer inside the chest than saline or traditional silicone gel. For some, the feel is too firm, but most patients do not find this to be a problem. Another disadvantage for some is the significantly higher cost per pair. Cohesive gel is often priced hundreds of dollars higher than other choices.

The incision lengths required for these implants are another drawback to consider. Cohesive gel requires larger incisions due to their firmness and consistency. They cannot be squeezed through the smaller incisions other options can. The typical incision length with gummy bear implants is about 5.5 cm long.

And, of course, there is a small chance that the implant may rotate within the breast pocket creating a distorted shape with the tear-drop shaped implants. To prevent this from happening, cohesive gel has a textured surface for a firmer hold.

There are many advantages to cohesive breast implants that can outweigh the potentially disadvantages. Your plastic surgeon can help determine if they are the right choice for you.