In this Club Sea Breeze company review you will find out important information about the company, products, internet marketing policies, and social networking. Also how do you get recruits and customers and is there marketing training and support? These are all important things to ask before joining any MLM or starting any business.

Company Overview

Club Sea Breeze was founded in 2010 and their offices are located in Farmington, Utah. Club Sea Breeze was founded by the CEO, Kelly Williams and co-founded by his son, Jake Williams, President.

Club Sea Breeze is a family owned Vclubshop and operated business that was created with the sole purpose of empowering people and families. They’ve pulled in the whole Williams clan and have an impressive “family page” on their site.

Their mission is “To provide an innovative opportunity structure and a unique mixture of products that can truly empower ordinary people for a lifetime.”


There are two products that Club Sea Breeze currently offers. The first is a Travel Membership which will give its members access to over 5,000 of the world’s leading time-share resort properties, including: suites, villas, and condos all across the globe.

The retail cost of a Club Sea Breeze Travel Membership is $397. Club Sea Breeze Associates Vclubshop can buy the Travel Membership at the wholesale price of $337.

The second product is the Club Sea Breeze Money Manager which is an interactive online financial planning application that can be purchased at the ongoing price of $19.97 a month. The only requirement to enjoy the benefits of the Club Sea Breeze Money Manager is the monthly cost of $19.97 and you can cancel at any time.

Compensation Plan

The Club Sea Breeze Compensation Plan offers 5 streams of income on two separate payplans. One is on a revolving 2×2 matrix and the other on a uni-level structure.

There are currently 5 ways to earn an income as a Club Sea Breeze associate:

  1. You will earn a $60 commission for a personal retail sale which is when you personally sell a travel membership Vclubshop to someone who chooses not to become a Club Sea Breeze associate.
  2. A Personal Panel Override is when you cycle from a 2×2 panel.
  3. A Sponsor Panel Override is when any of the PCs of an Associate that you have personally sponsored cycles from a 2×2 panel, you will earn a $250 override.
  4. A Leadership Bonus is a monthly bonus paid to Associates who have achieved certain sales and leadership levels.
  5. By ‘activating’ themselves in the uni-level compensation program. They become ‘active’ by either enrolling themselves for the Club Sea Breeze Money Manger online tool OR they enroll someone who is not an Associate.