Every once in awhile, there is feel good story on the news channels about how one person overcomes the odds of a tough economy to strike it rich through hard work and tenacity. These stories are becoming more frequent as people try all sorts of things and tap into secondary skills in order to make ends meet in the current economic recession.

In the financial downturn, a lot of people are turning to house cleaning jobs  Castle Cleaners – Maid Services in Houston TX for extra money. Cruising through the help wanted ads, this is one sector that doesn’t seem to have been affected by the recession as people still appreciate clean houses and are willing to pay for it. By doing the chores that other people do no want to do, you can make pretty good cash cleaning houses, doing laundry, and preparing meals.

While house cleaning is an honest and noble job, it probably wasn’t your first calling or what you dreamed of doing as a child. However, a lot of people don’t get jobs for which they went to school for. Getting a job in your field is probably an exception and not the norm. With a little ingenuity however, you can take a normal house cleaning job and turn it into a business. You can differentiate yourself from other house cleaning services by adding from your own field of expertise. For instance, you might come from the health care industry and by starting your own house cleaning service, you might add that you would be an ideal candidate to clean for the elderly as you are aware of their special needs.

The great thing about starting a house cleaning service is that because it is so mundane, there is not a lot of competition for it. The start up costs would not amount to a lot since you would just need to purchase household cleaning products. You would most likely need a car to get from place to place but you can write that off as a business expense.

In an economic recession, house cleaning jobs are a viable solution for those who want to make extra money or for those dedicated enough to turn it into a business. When life presents obstacles in your path, it is up to you to find your way around it. For some people, these challenges turn into big wins. Given enough gumption, it might be you on the local news telling a story of how you struck it rich during a recession in the house cleaning industry.