How can I sell my car most effectively for the most profit, is a very good question if you are trying to get out of a used car so that you can purchase another car. And, the answer can vary depending on how much time, effort and money you want to put into it.

Let me explain further…

There are basically 3 methods of selling your car, trade-in, private party selling it yourself or have an auto dealer take it on consignment and sell it for you.

First is the method of trading in your vehicle.

This is probably the quickest method of how to sell your car. Here you would take your car to a dealership that sells cars and have them determine the value of your used car. Then, the car salesman would deduct this amount from the purchase of your new car.

One note here, you may want to know the market value of your car beforehand to assure the dealer is giving you a fair price.

Next, you can sell the car yourself.

This will require some time, patience and extra cash. It will require sell my car time and cash to prepare the car so that it is running well at the time prospective buyers go to test drive the car. In addition, you will want to pay to have it detailed or do this yourself which will cost you your time.

Next, it will require patience as you field calls at all hours of the day and night, answering question after question regarding your vehicle. Then, there is the appointment setting for people coming to your home to test-drive the car.

Selling your car yourself can be a real pain.

If this sounds like too much work it may appeal to you to have someone else, like a pro do this for you. If this sounds good to you, then you may want to consider a consignment dealer if you are asking, “How do I sell my car for the most money with the less stress?”

A dealer that has a consignment program for selling cars is most likely to offer you a program that is pretty much stress free and can end up saving you some hard, cold, green cash. Plus you don’t have all the stress that goes with selling your car on your own.

In most cases, consignment dealers will prepare the car by inspecting and detailing it getting it ready for sale. They will also provide more advertising than you could find on your own. All this adds up to getting you top dollar for your old set of wheels.

To find a dealer that offers cars on consignment, do a search online in your area for dealers that offer this type of service. This may end up being the most effective way to sell your used car for the most money… with the least amount of stress.