When life hurts. When it baffles and confuses. When it doesn’t quite seem to work. These are just signs from Me, as if I were tapping on your shoulder or whispering in your ear, trying to point out that something important, something really, really important, is being misunderstood.

This Note is just in case, one day, something doesn’t make sense. You know, for a friend.

Warm hugs,
The Universe”

Not everything will go your way all โหลดpussy888 the time, and it is important, really important to understand that. Despite the amount of hard work you put into something, the end result might be very disappointing. Regardless of how much money you invest in a venture, it might ruin you at the end. The key to all that is to pay attention and try to understand why things are happening the way they do. Instead of getting frustrated and angry, maybe you are opening doors to better opportunities and the one you are thinking will work might give place to something even better. The Universe knows it, so let it do what it does best. You see, as many of my previous post, I mentioned that the Universe is responsible for the “How’s” and you are required to put in the thoughts that are needed to make these “How’s” manifest in real life. Your thoughts dictate what the Universe is suggested to do, but not necessarily what the Universe think is best for you. As long as you are open to some tweaks, everything will work out for the best.

If your thoughts are financial in nature, and you ask the Universe to be super rich, it might not really understand what you are thinking. You need to provide details to the nature of your thoughts. What do you mean being super rich? Are you willing to work SUPER HARD to become SUPER RICH? Are you willing to not let yourself be crushed by the reality of life and keep on moving forward no matter what happens? Are you willing to look at life straight in the eyes during very difficult life’s challenges and say: “Come on, you can hit harder than that. I am not a pussy, I can take it”. This attitude of not being beaten by life is what will propel you to the top and reach ultimate success. If it was easy, everyone on planet Earth can do it. Success is NOT easy, it is NOT simple and IT requires strong BALLS to get to where you want to be. As for the rest, the Universe will decide how far up in outer space will you reach when it comes to your personal success. Just trust it, it will make things happen.