The Future and Data Science

In a world where data is present everywhere around us, the importance of professionals who can deal with such a huge amount of data and manipulate it to solve problems increases by multiple times. Today, data is not just a piece of information, but something that can be used to speak to machines, to understand complex scenarios, to anticipate future… And since it hasn’t been so long since the technology industries have realized the immense and immediate need of Data Scientists, the opening of jobs and opportunities are endless.

Scope of Data Science

If we look at the results of recent surveys by educational organizations and universities, we find that there aren’t as many Data professionals as the industries require. As an estimate, there’s going to be more than two hundred vacant places for Data Scientists by 2021. Harvard and Glassdoor have listed Data Science as the best job of the century because the online data is perpetual and continuously growing. Every business organization is generating a huge amount of data and they need Data Scientists to process that data. So, this is indeed the right time to choose this profession.

Jobs and Challenges

Data Science is a very challenging yet extremely exciting. The job encompasses from understanding problem, extracting relevant data, interpreting, cleansing, data hk  transforming, modifying, integrating, statistical analyzing, machine learning, visualizing, communicating, and deploying the finalized statistical model where it is required. While cleansing and interpreting the data are the most important tasks, modification of data is referred to as the core activity, and visualization is important for communicating the modeled data to the customers.

Benefits of Data Science Course and Careers

Expertise in mathematics, statistics and problem-solving are the foremost prerequisites for becoming a Data Scientist. The training program covers all the important concepts of Data science by focusing on effective programming languages like Python, SQL for Machine Learning. While Excel and R are considered the best tools for statistical analysis and Data modeling, other important tools which make the job of a Data Scientist easy are Hadoop, SAS, Sparks, XL miners etc.

The course consists of detailed training by experienced faculties having long experience in Data industry. The students get to appear in infinite number of webinars and the opportunity to work on live projects to develop a sense of the real business environment. A dedicated placement cell with excellent records helps students find their dream jobs in leading technological companies right after finishing their training.

Students trained in Data Science have the option to choose from a myriad of professions like working as a professional Business intelligence, statisticians, economists, Deep learning engineers, Machine learning engineers, software programmers, business analytics, data analytics and many more. And since the data industry is most likely to keep growing in the coming times, even more options are bound to arise. The salaries and perks of being a Data Scientist are very high, and even a fresher in a country like India can easily earn more than a million per year, which keeps increasing as per experience, and in addition, there’s a definite chance of fast career growth.