Asking someone to stop smoking marijuana is a thorny issue for so many reasons. I may not have time to list them all but the fact of the matter is that usage of marijuana can cause extreme friction between friends, family and lovers. This friction has led to merely unpleasant to sometimes horrific scenarios of break ups, ostracism, estrangement which can all too often leave the addict further in the grips of marijuana. It seems like it should be a no brainer then but let’s take a step back for a moment.

Should you ask them to quit smoking weed?

Will this cause any problems?
Do you have the right to ask them to stop?
Do you know why you are asking them to stop? gras online kaufen 
These are all important questions to think of when you are deciding to confront someone about their marijuana addiction because if done in the wrong way with the wrong reasons you could cause a rift that is harder to heal and the friction between you will also still remain.

The reasons WHY you want them to quit smoking weed are the most important and these reasons need to be well defined to yourself before you even consider broaching the topic with this marijuana user. Many might simply say ‘because I do not like it’ but that is not a convincing argument to any pot smoker. Instead you need to make sure you understand and can express truthfully your own motives. Also, when considering should you ask them to quit smoking weed you should make sure that the reasons you have and the outcomes this would give would have benefits to BOTH of you or it may be seen as a selfish act even if you are sincerely concerned for their well being.

If you can answer all these questions and believe that you can broach the topic without incurring anger from the other person then yes you can ask them to stop smoking marijuana but you must be prepared to be drawn into an argument and be able to stay calm and focused and positive during it because an addict needs: